A chapel was consecrated by the beginning of the work of the Rostovskaya

From now on, employees can pray to God at any time in the new chapel of St. Barbara, located on the territory of Rostovskaya Mine LLC in the city of Gukovo. The opening of the chapel on May, 17 was attended by shareholders of E.Connect Assets, workers and priesthood.

The director of E.Connect Assets, Mariana Danyliv, was the first to congratulate the residents of Gukovo on the opening:

— Mine Rostovskaya began its work about a hundred years ago, and during its long life journey it went through many trials and ups and downs. With the opening of this new chapel and restoration of mine works, we are starting a new period – the stage of active development and effective work. Good luck to all of us!

The consecration of the chapel was conducted by Archpriest Victor Olkhovatov, Rector of the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of the city of Gukovo. The priest thanked all those present for the good undertaking and blessed the audience, and then he held a holy rite, sprinkling holy water on the chapel and the main shaft of the Rostov Mine. The chapel is open to visitors daily.

Rostovskaya Mine belongs to the Czech company E.Connect Assets, which conducted preparatory works for restarting the mine from March 16, 2018. Now the mine is completely ready for the start of production, and will provide about 1000 jobs for Gukovo region.

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