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Helping the community: From coal to clean!

In alignment with company policy, we carried out this year’s corporate social responsibility by starting the initiative „OPERATION GREEN“ and we pledge to plant one tree for each thousand of tons coal mined in our properties.

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WE MADE IT! First 100K of anthracite coal mined from Rostovskaya after reconstruction and restart.

More than 5.6 billion rubles will be invested in the development of the Rostovskaya Mine. The facility was built in 1953 and in 2018, OOO Shakhta Rostovskaya came under the management of the company E.CONNECT.

The production activities began again in June, 2019.

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Visit of Mr. Danyliv to Rostovskaya

Vasyl Danyliv, one of the owners of the Rostovskaya Mine, lately visited Gukovo and checked on the progress with mine works and ongoing restoration of the mine facilities.

Job vacancy

List of vacancies that are needed for the next few months of the mine:

PositionFree count places
Miners40 ед.
Drifters15 ед.
Underground electricians20 ед.
Mining Workers5 ед.
Mechanical engineers2 ед.

Salary from 35 000 rubles.

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A chapel was consecrated by the beginning of the work of the Rostovskaya

From now on, employees can pray to God at any time in the new chapel of St. Barbara, located on the territory of Rostovskaya Mine LLC in the city of Gukovo. The opening of the chapel on May, 17 was attended by shareholders of E.Connect Assets, workers and priesthood.

The director of E.Connect Assets, Mariana Danyliv, was the first to congratulate the residents of Gukovo on the opening:

— Mine Rostovskaya began its work about a hundred years ago, and during its long life journey it went through many trials and ups and downs. With the opening of this new chapel and restoration of mine works, we are starting a new period – the stage of active development and effective work. Good luck to all of us!

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Coal mining on Rostovskaya began again

About 400 million rubles were invested in the restoration of the enterprise without borrowing any funds. A license was obtained for the operation of explosion and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous production facilities of hazard classes I, II and III, and a mining development plan was also agreed.

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